PRISM Virus Removal?


NSA PRISM VirusAre you wondering that your computer has been blocked by a warning popup from PRISM computer crime prosecution section. Did you notice that the bogus notification is accusing you of violating laws. Are you annoyed that the warning popup is refusing to restore PC unless fine is paid. Do not worry, nothing is wrong with your computer expect that it is infected with a virus.

What is PRISM computer crime prosecution section virus: It is a sneakily designed virus program which installs onto a computer by employing Trojans. Lockup Trojan is designed to infiltrate into a computer without the knowledge or consent of users. Once it gets installed it modifies existing registry settings to make a way for its own vicious programs.

The virus program downloads and installs win locker program to carry out its vicious task. The win locker program blocks all programs running in the computer and displays one full screen warning message. The message states that the computer has been blocked by PRISM because the user is caught violating laws including cyber and copyright. The win locker notice then stipulates user to pay a fine via moneypak. Not stopping there it threatens user with legal consequences unless the fine is paid within stipulated time.

PRISM virus program is a cunning ransomware because it disables antivirus program to avoid getting diagnosed. Do not pay attention to the warnings because none of the claims are true.
How to remove computer crime prosecution section virus: We recommend you to contact tech support for removing the virus.

Call : 1-877-623-2121 for Support

PRISM Virus Removal?

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