Mandiant USA Cyber Security Virus Removal


Mandiant USA cyber security virus has been developed by hackers to extort your money by locking computers. The virus is another obnoxious ransomware that locks an infected computer and demands ransom money unwary users. Since the virus program locks all programs, all the user can do is to see the intimidating message displayed by the Trojan.

From the interface it is evident that the law violation notice appears as a genuine message. This is not without a reason the notice carries name and logo the legal institutions in this case it is Mandiant USA cyber security. Again this is just a scare tactic by hackers to scam users. It is clear that the hackers are exploiting the name of legal enforcement institutions.

The notice though it is a fake has everything to make it look like a real notice. Do not get carried away by the message because none of its claims bore any truth. The notice claims that the computer has been locked by cyber security. Police do not lock down a computer to inform user about law violations.The notice states that the user is involved in violating cyber and other related laws. All claims that the user is caught visiting child porno sites and downloading software is just a scare tactic by hackers to extort money users. Even the so called fine is designed by hackers. do not pay any fine.

How to remove Mandiant USA cyber security virus: We recommend you to contact tech support for removing the virus

Mandiant USA Cyber Security Virus Removal

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