FBI Cybercrime Division Screen locker Virus


FBI Cybercrime Division is a fake notification that locks your computer and refuses to unlock it unless ransom money is paid. If your computer is infected with this virus you will see that it displays a full screen warning message stating that your computer is locked for alleged violation of laws.
What is FBI Cybercrime Division virus notification: Through its interface the virus program tries to convince you into believing that it is a genuine notification. The interface has a logo and name that suggests you that it is purportedly from FBI Cybercrime Division. But in reality the department has nothing to do with the notification.Image of fbi cybercrime division virus

Are you wondering who sent it: You may be surprised to find that the notification is not sent by any organization but it is the work of the online hackers. Unwary computer users are easy targets because they easily get convinced into believing that there computer has been locked by because of possible law violations.

Ignore the false accusations against you: Once the virus gets inside the computer, it displays a full screen popup accusing you of violating cyber and other related laws. You will be accused of watching child pornography and downloading, spreading copyrighted material. Then you will see you will be instructed to pay a fine to unlock computer. Ignore all warnings even if it threatens you with legal consecutions.

How the virus sneaks inside your computer:
When you download corrupted attachments
When you visit corrupted websites
When you click malicious links

If you are still having difficulty removing FBI Cybercrime Division virus, we recommend you to contact tech support for removing the virus completely.

Call 1-877-623-2121 for Support.

FBI Cybercrime Division Screen locker Virus

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